Eleutian - The Bridge to Globalization

Meet the Leader in Online English Language Teaching

Eleutian Technology is the industry leader of online language instruction for global business and education entities.   Founded in 2006, Eleutian’s  effective teaching methods have already earned endorsements from many world-class organizations including: Oxford University Press, Hasbro Inc., The British Council, Nagase Corporation of Japan, Kingsoft of China, Seoul Digital University of Korea and more.  With thousands of tutoring sessions per month, Eleutian is a market leader in the $100 billion per year language education space.

The company’s teaching services feature one-on-one or  group  tutoring sessions between students and Certified U.S. School Teachers.  In addition to their teaching credentials, Eleutian’s instructors must complete a rigorous 30+ hour training course focused on methods for teaching English as a second language.

Eleutian is also an active partner with many corporations and schools in the development and delivery of custom English learning programs to meet their unique student needs.

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“English education in Japan has a history of focusing on improving test scores, but this has too often led to neglect of actual communication skills. Eleutian enables customers to address this problem through frequent [video-conference] interactions that are otherwise not feasible. There is no doubt that this service fills a significant void in the market.”

Nobutaka Kanaji

Sumitomo Corporation