Eleutian - The Bridge to Globalization

Online English Teaching Sessions

#1 Partnerships with Private After School English Schools (group class)

These Korean children are participating in an after school English teaching program at Yoon's Academy of English in Korea. The American teacher who they are interacting with is provided by Eleutian Technology, the global leader in online English teaching. Combining the expertise of U.S. Certified School teachers and state-of-the-art video conference technology, Eleutian is delivering effective English instruction throughout the world.


#2 Co-teaching English In Public Schools (elementary school classroom)

Korea's Gwangju Metropolitan City Office of Education (Gwangju, Korea) produced this video of an English lesson in an Elementary School.  The American School teacher is able to conduct English learning via video-conference.  She is a U.S. Certified School Teacher working for Eleutian Technology (Ten Sleep, Wyoming).  The U.S. company is revolutionizing the way the world learns English.