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Jul 21, 2011

Eleutian Partners with Bosen Schools to Provide Online Training

July 20, 2011, Beijing


On July 20, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Eleutian Technology and Bosen Schools, a Beijing-based subsidiary of Ambow Education Group. The MOU outlined the partnership between the two companies that will deliver live online courses to Bosen students throughout China.


Bosen and Eleutian will provide online lessons to Chinese students preparing to study overseas. These classes will feature online face-to-face video courses that focus on building the speaking and listening skills necessary to have a successful university experience abroad. Students will be serviced by the network of more than 700 US government-certified teachers on Eleutian’s “blended learning” platform.


At the signing ceremony Mr. Dai Yingqian, CEO of Bosen, was joined by Eleutian CEO, Kent Holiday.  After forming a roadmap for the partnership, Bosen is now adding Eleutian’s services into their curriculum. Citing the Chinese proverb, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, Mr. Dai congratulated the two companies on their first successful collaboration. Holiday noted that: “Eleutian Technology is the first and most successful mover in a very large market for online live English training, made possible by advances in technology and communications.”  He added, “This method is revolutionizing the way English is and will be taught and we believe we can change the education to better.”


After the ceremony, Nickolas Wester, Eleutian’s Vice President of China Business Development demonstrated a live online lesson and fielded questions from Bosen staff. The staff was particularly interested in the high qualification requirements of Eleutian teachers.  Eleutian requires all teachers to be licensed according to U.S. public schools requirements and to participate in an additional 50+ hour accredited ESL/EFL training program.