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Aug 18, 2011

South Dakota’s Benefits Many for Online Language Instruction Firm - Eleutian Technology Expanding in Midwest

While some people may think that doing business in a rural environment would be a disadvantage, a new company in South Dakota finds the benefits to be plentiful. Broadband connectivity, an educated workforce, and neutral accents brought Eleutian Technology to South Dakota.


Eleutian Technology is an online language instruction firm that teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) courses to students across the globe via real-time video conferencing. The lessons are either one-on-one or group tutoring sessions, and the instructors are all certified U.S. school teachers. The technology requires a well-developed broadband system.


“When you look at rural America and broadband internet, it is actually ahead of some of the larger cities in the United States,” said Eleutian Technology President Kent Holiday. “Additionally, rural America has a highly-educated workforce. When all those factors come together with the work ethic the Midwest is known for, you have a good combination.”


Another advantage that South Dakota and the Midwest have to offer a company like Eleutian is that the area is accent-neutral.


“As people are learning English, they want to learn from an accent-neutral teacher. If you go down south or east, you lose that neutral conversation,” Holiday explained.


While Eleutian’s Spearfish location is the first in South Dakota, it is not likely to be the last. Next month, the company plans to open another location in Rapid City, and down the road, in Winner.


Other Eleutian teaching centers are located in Cody, Wyo.; Powell, Wyo.; Lovell, Wyo.; Sheridan, Wyo; Casper, Wyo.; Green River, Wyo.; and Provo City, Utah.


SOURCE: South Dakota