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Sep 6, 2008

Eleutian Starts Overseas Classes

Sept. 6, 2008, The Sheridan Press, By Kristen Salamon, Staff reporter - The new Eleutian Technology teaching center’s first teacher began conducting lessons with overseas students Sunday.

“We have two teachers trained right now and 12 teachers ready to begin training,” said Misty Rios, the Sheridan teaching center’s teacher manager.

According to Rios, the teachers will be able to begin training once Eleutian secures space at Sheridan College to conduct the training. Rios said she expects this will happen in
late September or early October.

Eleutian is an education and technology company that combines state-of-the-art multimedia software and Internet video conferencing technology to teach conversational English to its customers in Korea, Japan and China.

The company teaches students of all ages, ranging from kindergartners to business associates. While many of the students can read and write English, Rios said, many need work on pronunciation and speaking skills.

“We work with them through video conferencing, phone calls and Skype [an online phone and messaging program] to help them practice,” Rios said.

The company is Wyoming-based with seven teaching centers throughout the state.

“Cody has been the biggest place we’ve had a teaching center up until now,” Eleutian CEO Kent Holiday said. “So we’re excited to be here and we hope to grow here.”

Holiday said the Cody location opened about a year ago and already has 30 teachers there.

The Sheridan location, Rios said, plans to have about 50 employees by the end of the year
and 200 teachers by the end of 2009.

She said Eleutian worked with Forward Sheridan to get here.

“They gave us a lot of good publicity and hype within the community so people knew we were
coming, and they helped us find our office space,” Rios said.

Eleutian teachers can work part or full time and eventually work from home.

“We’re not out to take teachers away from the school districts here, we’re hoping to give opportunities to substitute teachers, retired teachers and other educators,” Rios said.

“We’ve really been welcomed with open arms.”