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Sep 7, 2008

Relay For Life Team Walks In Memory Of Co-Worker


Tribune Staff Writer

When 39 teams take to the track at the Park County Relay for Life next week, one team will be fulfilling the plan of a co-worker who won’t be there.

The team, made up of employees from Eleutian Technology, will be remembering Lori Browning, who died in a traffic accident in March. They will participate in the allnight event to help raise funds for cancer research and support of cancer patients, keeping one member on the track at all times.


The team plans to make it a joyful occasion, and has adopted a Hawaiian theme, reflected in their name, The Relei team. They will wear leis and grass skirts as they walk through the night to help defeat cancer and honor their co-worker.


According to Karon Todorovich, a member of the team, Browning had begun organizing a relay team prior to the accident, motivated both by the death of her sister from breast cancer and by her own diagnosis with the same disease. “She had cancer, but few people knew about it,” Todorovich said. “She was planning to have a mastectomy.”


Browning had kept her diagnosis from her co-workers because “she didn’t want to
be pitied,” Todorovich said.  “She carried on with her life and her job,” Todorovich said. “She missed work for medical appointments, but she never told anyone the reason for the appointments.” Most of her co-workers learned about her condition and her intention to organize a Relay for Life team at a staff meeting in April following Browning’s death and decided to carry through with the plan. Todorovich said she had decided right away to become part of the team.

“Cancer has touched almost everyone’s life, so I volunteered,” said Todorovich.  Eleutian, which uses high speed internet connections to teach conversational  English to students in Korea, has employees all over the Big Horn Basin, and team members representing several towns will walk in Friday’s event. Todorovich said she thinks that the relay will be a first for most of them. “We’re dedicating it to Lori,” Todorovich said.



Relay for Life raises money for the American Cancer Society’s efforts to fund research and provide support for cancer victims. The Park County Relay for Life begins Friday, July 18 at 6 p.m. at the Riley Arena in Cody with a recognition of cancer survivors, followed by a survivors’ lap and a caregivers’ lap. The Relay walk will follow and continue through the evening, lit by luminaries purchased in memory of cancer victims.


As of Wednesday, 468 participants have indicated they will walk in the event.
Information about the event is available through the website cancer.org, and
information about the Park County event is available by calling Tanya Lowham at 527-
2612 or 272-8797.