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Sep 9, 2008

Working to Enhance English Learning Opportunities

Posted by: News Desk — Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Two countries and three entities entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) Monday, March 26, at Northwest College in Powell.


Signers were (l-r) Kent Holiday (left), Eleutian Technology president; Miles LaRowe, NWC president and Paek J. Cho, SDU president, while H. Hoyle Choi, SDU adjunct lecturing professor and special consultant, looked on.


The MOU made official their commitment to work together to enhance English learning opportunities for Korean-speaking students and to begin building a course articulation agreement between NWC and SDU.


Calling itself the “E-center of the world,” SDU’s history is not even as old as this century (the first president was inaugurated Dec. 1, 2000), but it is the leader in online education in Korea.


SDU currently enrolls students from 27 countries around the world. Many of its Korean-speaking students live in the United States. Eleutian Technology has served as the connecting link between the two educational institutions. Eleutian already provides English language courses to SDU students that bear credit in South Korea but not in the United States.


Eleutian’s technology will assist in delivering NWC’s credit courses as well. The MOU follows the Korean idea of an MOU more than the detailed document most Americans associate with the term. It basically says the three entities are committed to finding ways to collaboratively provide English language education to SDU’s Korean-speaking students located around the world and to develop an agreement where SDU and NWC students can transfer credits directly from one institution to the other.

Seoul Digital University President Paek J. Cho gives a thumbs up to Northwest College’s Richard Wilson, Mary Baumann, Harriet Bloom-Wilson and Sher Hruska after a strategy meeting on the Northwest College campus Monday, March 26.


The four NWC personnel, an associate professor of English, multicultural coordinator, assistant professor of French and international student recruiter and advisor, and vice president for academic affairs, respectively, were heavily involved in bringing the collaborative partnership between SDU, NWC and Eleutian Technology to fruition. For a videocast of the ceremony visit: http://www.northwesttrail.org