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Apr 22, 2009

Eleutian Technology Opens New Call Center in Dubois, Wyoming

Dubois, WYOMING, 22 Apr. 2009- Eleutian Technology will be opening its 9th Wyoming teaching center in Dubois, Wyoming.  The teaching center, located in half of the DVI Corner Building, will open for teaching on or before Monday May 18, 2009.  The office will initially house at least four teaching stations, from which employees will be teach students around the world English with via web.

“We’re very pleased to be opening this teaching center in Dubois.  We’ve had a great response to our advertising for teachers.  Karen Clark, the Dubois Volunteers Inc. Board, Mayor Mark Harrison, and Roger Bower from the Wyoming Business Council have all been very supportive, and key to bringing Eleutian to Dubois” said Brent Stanger, General Manager and Vice President of Operations for Eleutian.


According to Anne Bleicher, Director of Teacher Operations for Eleutian, “the company already has a solid list of people from Dubois interested in becoming instructors.”  Bleicher will be conducting interviews in Dubois Monday, April 27 and possibly Friday, May 1, depending on the number of interviews.  Bleicher will be interviewing potential candidates for the Teaching Center Manager, as well as prospective teachers.

The starting pay for the Teaching Center Manager position is $32,000 per year.  Teaching positions pay $12/hr for education professionals, $10/hr for substitute teachers, and $8/hr for native speakers.   After approximately 3 months of teaching at the teaching center, employees may begin teaching from home, provided that their internet bandwidth is adequate, they have a personal computer, and a quiet place with a fixed background.


Persons from Dubois and the surrounding area who are interested in seeking employment with the company should fill out an online questionnaire on the company’s website http://www.eleutian.com/Public/AboutUs/Jobs

According to Stanger, “To make a teaching center sustainable, each center needs to have a minimum of 340 of hours of instruction.  Our average teacher teaches about 20 hours a week, so we’ll need at least 17 teachers in Dubois.”  Based on the population and the response from interested persons to date, Stanger believes that the company will have no problem meeting that goal.


To celebrate the opening of its Dubois teaching center, the company will hold an open house at the new facility for the community, sometime in the latter part of June.  The date for the open house will be finalized once the center is up and running and after consulting with the Teaching Center Manager and community leaders to select an appropriate date.  Anyone interested in learning more about the company and what it does is invited to attend.  “We’ll be giving live demonstrations of our software and answering questions,” said Bleicher.  Following the open house, Eleutian will hold a barbeque for all Dubois employees, trainees (including those that are waiting for a training), and their families.


Eleutian Technology is an education and technology company that combines state-of-the-art multi-media ESL software, internet video conferencing technology, and Wyoming-based instructors to teach conversational English to its customers in Korea, Russia, Japan, China, and other countries.  The company is headquartered in Ten Sleep, Wyoming and has trained over 350 people in the state so far to be teachers.