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Oct 19, 2008

Forward Sheridan - Group Presents Annual Report

The Sheridan Press, By Vida Volkert, Staff Reporter

Sheridan’s economic development organization Forward Sheridan on Wednesday presented its 2007-2008 annual report at the Holiday Inn.

The biggest accomplishment in the past year, according to the organization’s president and
chief executive officer, Philippe Chino, is development of a strategic plan to recruit businesses to Sheridan and retain workers in the area.  “Now Sheridan has a strategic plan to work in the next five years,” Chino said.  “For this fiscal year, we did quite well in recruitment, considering that we recruited 50 percent of the companies that we negotiated with,” Chino told The Press.  Forward Sheridan’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, he said.

Businesses brought to the area in the past fiscal year include O&G Environmental Consulting and Eleutian Technology, an Internet based communication company.

According to Chino, Eleutian Technology, based in Ten Sleep, is creating 17 jobs in Sheridan. The jobs range from technical support personnel to English instructors, he said, adding that prospective employees are being trained for the positions.

“The idea is to create jobs for people in the community,” Chino said, adding that through Eleutian Technology, by the end of fiscal year 2008-09, there will be about 40 to 50 new jobs in Sheridan, and by the end of fiscal year 2009-10,the projection is “close to 200.”

Chino said Sheridan’s strategic plan for economic development is a community effort that  involves businesses and key people from real estate agents to organization leaders, such as members of Helping Young Professionals Engage.

He said one reason Forward Sheridan created HYPE is for a conduit between young  professionals and the work force. “We started with five people; now we have about 100  members,” he said.