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Oct 31, 2008

Teacher Refreshes Career by Teaching English on the Internet

Part of KOTA Territory has the fastest job growth rate in the country.  While much of the growth is due to the energy boom, in Wyoming, one company is creating jobs by exporting language rather than minerals.


After 10 years of working as a teaching in the Sheridan area Yvonne Perry was burned out.  Perry says,  "I needed a change from the regular classroom setting, and I found an interesting change right now.   I'm enjoying it."  She's enjoying being the first person in Sheridan to teach English through the Internet to Korean students.


In a global economy, Eleutian Technologies provides a service long required by Asian workers who need to communicate effectively with the western business world.  The potential for growth is already evident.  Perry is excited to start getting co-workers.


Misty Rios the Teacher Manager at Elution's Sheridan office says, "we hope to have possibly up to 50 (teachers) by the end of this year.   Two hundred by the end of 2009." Wyoming's job rate increased 2.9% last month.  The rest of the country wasn't so lucky with a job growth rate of negative 0.4%.