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Dec 19, 2008

Eleutian Moves Into New Lovell Teaching Center

The Lovell Chronicle, Brad Devereaux, Reporting - Eleutian Technology has been supplying jobs to teachers in the Big Horn Basin for about a two hears. It’s taken less time than that time for the Lovell operation to grow out of two office buildings on Main Street.

The Lovell teaching center started out in one office space, soon adding a second office across from the original space on Main Street. The Lovell teaching center moved into the former Strong Tree Clinic building in mid-November. With more space and an increasing customer base, Eleutian shows no signs of slowing down.

Eleutian employs Wyoming teachers to give online English lessons to students. Though most customers are from Korea, Eleutian is seeing more clients from all over the world. Lovell center teacher manager Bobbie Brown said business is booming and teachers are having a blast working for Eleutian.

The new office space was outfitted with a high-speed Internet connection from TCT WEST, Brown said. Michal Moncur installed much of the wiring and handles the center’s IT issues. The Lovell center is larger than other centers located in the basin and about 30 computers can be found scattered throughout the building.

“We fit a computer in every nook and cranny,” Brown said.

Brown has been working for Eleutian for a year and a half. She is a manager, but her favorite part of the job is to teach.

On Tuesday, she took a call from Ricardo, a first-time client from Brazillia, Brazil. Ricardo’s lesson plan simply calls for some conversational English between him and the teacher. They chat it up about Australia, Rio De Janeiro and Ricardo’s family. Brown throws in a few pronunciation lessons here and there. At the end of the 15-minute session, Ricardo schedules another session.

“In Korea, everyone loves to get a five- or 10-minute call instructing them about English,” Brown said. Eleutian offers phone and video sessions. Brown said she expects the demand for video to go up as the technology becomes more available to do a video session on a mobile phone.

The Lovell center has about 35 teachers, Brown said, but not all of them do their work in-house. Eleutian works on a ranking system. Through reviews, teachers move up in rank and when they’re ready, they can choose to phone sessions from home if their computer and Internet connection is fast enough and if they have a good work situation at home, Brown said. Right now, Eleutian is at 95 percent of capacity, and the demand continues to grow.

“We could take as many teachers as are willing to teach in the Big Horn Basin,” Brown said, the idea being that teachers will graduate to work from home.

Looking at Tuesday night’s schedule, Brown said about 200 out of the 600 Eleutian sessions will be completed out of the Lovell center.

Eleutian started off only hiring certified teachers, but now the company has a diverse pool of clients, which has made jobs available to native English speakers with a high school diploma. To apply, visit www.Eleutian.com.