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Jan 2, 2009

Island students Near Incheon Are Now Conversing Directly with American Teachers

Incheon Island Schools have recently introduced a new English education program using Skype to connect their students with native English speaking teachers in the US. One thousand primary and secondary students from 27 schools in the city of Incheon and surrounding areas are now being taught English by certified teachers in Wyoming.


In some remote areas of the country where native teachers are scarce, this system of education has proven to be efficient and effective.  A student waiting anxiously for her next English class with her friends at Hwa-do Elementary School in Sang-Bang-Ri, Gang Hwa Island, expressed her feelings about learning English from US teachers.  “It feels like I could learn to speak English faster because we have American teachers teaching us!”


Skype is a free online person-to-person video service with over 370 million users.  The public education system in South Korea has recently teamed with Eleutian Technology to take advantage of this service to provide English education to its students.  The geographical isolation of the islands called for an innovative solution for English education.  Skype was chosen as the ideal solution for teaching English because it connects US teachers in Wyoming to students in South Korea.

Eleutian Technology (Eleutian.com, CEO, Kent Holiday), an online English education company, and the education department of Incheon City co-developed this system making it possible to have former and present public school teachers in the US teach English online.


This system has opened up a new opportunity for these 1000 students in 27 schools in Incheon.  With the support of the state of Wyoming, US certified teachers are providing English education to 67 classrooms.  “By utilizing this free online person-to-person method, we were able to provide education to the classrooms cost effectively,” said S.K. Kang, Incheon Department of Education – Island area video English education representative.  “We are getting great feedback from the parents because they are aware that their children will not only enjoy being taught by American teachers, but their confidence in using English will be immensely affected.


Eleutian Technology, partnering with the state of Wyoming, is focused on expanding job opportunities, as well as supporting the economy, by training certified teachers to teach English to non-English speaking countries through video conferencing.  Eleutian Korea, entrusted and commissioned by the state of Wyoming, will provide services to help build a successful relationship.