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Jun 30, 2009

Global Classrooms: E-Learning Company, Eleutian Technology, Delivers U.S. School Teachers to...

TEN SLEEP, Wyo., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Two different public school systems in Korea have successfully completed English conversation lessons provided by Eleutian Technology, an innovator in e-learning. Since February of this year, 74 schools and over 2400 students have participated in the innovative teaching program. As the first commercial service provider of their kind, the company is positioned to expand their services to the 10,000 public schools in Korea.


Eleutian's teaching integrates textbook study with live video-conferencing between Korean students and state certified U.S. school teachers. The courses which were successfully beta-tested in December 2008 and January 2009 include both 1 to 1 instruction between students and U.S. teachers and a group format, where the teacher's live video-image is projected to a whole classroom.


As English has become the standard global language for business, the Ministries of Education in many countries, including Korea, have required English language instruction for students from early elementary through high school. But the leap from a textbook to conversational fluency has proven to be an evasive goal. This has fueled the practice of hiring native English speakers, who are often poorly qualified as teachers, to instruct in classrooms.


If Kent Holiday, CEO of Eleutian Technology, has his way, those days are over. "We offer global corporations and schools a first-ever opportunity to learn English conversation from United States Certified school teachers. Access to this high-quality instruction has been embraced by students, educators and training and development executives. It is a perfect synchronization of e-learning technology and human interaction."


Ji-Hye Hwang of the Korean Ministry of Education agrees. "I think that [Eleutian's] video-conferenced English classes will not only supplement the current native English-speaking teacher system in Korea, but may actually replace it in the future."


About Eleutian Technology: Eleutian Technology is the premier, global provider of language teaching which pairs an evidence-based curriculum and one-on-one conversation lessons with certified American school teachers. A respected pioneer in the rapidly growing e-learning industry, Eleutian's customers include some of the world's largest companies as well as universities throughout Asia and Europe . The company also serves elementary and secondary schools worldwide. Headquartered in Ten Sleep , Wyoming and with an office in Seoul , Korea , Eleutian serves a global client base. Visit http://www.eleutian.com for more information.


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