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Dec 12, 2010

Official: Eleutian-China deal means more Wyoming jobs

CASPER, Wyo. December 11, 2010 — Eleutian Technology's recent acquisition of a Chinese firm does not signal a future shift of its teaching work force offshore, company officials say.


Eleutian teaches English to students around the world via high-speed fiber optic networks and video technology. In October, Wyoming-based Eleutian announced a merger with Idapted Ltd.


“We did it for a very simple reason,” said Bob Grady, chairman of the combined company. “Our goal is to continue to grow in the markets where demand for English is large. And in Asia, obviously, we've had terrific initial growth in Korea, we've got a beachhead in Japan and this will accelerate our growth into China.”


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SOURCE: BillingsGazette
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