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Dec 15, 2010

BYU on Work-from-home opportunities

Local authorities said many people are turning to work-from-home opportunities to try and make ends meet, but they should be wary of scams when searching for a job.

Jane Driggs, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Utah, warned that consumers should always check out a business before investing any money.

“You won’t always make money; when the company says you will, most won’t,” Driggs said in an e-mail. “Check out the company through the Better Business Bureau and use a search engine to search for the company’s name, address and even phone number before you ever give out a credit card number to any company.”

There are a number of multi-level marketing companies that promise large profits for selling products. Some people do make a lot of money, but according to Driggs, the majority of people entering into these types of positions typically only make enough to supplement their incomes.

“Granted there are always people who make a lot of money, but not every person is cut out to do that kind of selling,” Driggs said. “You have to make it your full-time job to accomplish what those top sellers do.”

There are some other legitimate work-from-home opportunities that don’t involve sales. Due to the country’s economic plight, many businesses are beginning to offer telecommuting positions.

Many of these positions involve data entry, medical transcription, sales and various skills.

Eleutian is a global company that hires people to teach English to people in other countries. Once its employees go through an initial training period, the company offers employees the opportunity to work from home.

Sadie Nagle-Perkins, an Eleutian employee and Provo City resident, said she likes her job and the flexibility it has to offer.

“I absolutely love my job,” Perkins said. “It is so fun and has a lot of different shifts that offer a lot of flexibility. I begin work at four in the morning and am finished by nine.”

Work from home opportunities are not for everyone. There is a lot of dedication and self-discipline required to be successful.

“I couldn’t do that job [Eleutian] because I have epilepsy and need more flexibility, not a set schedule,” said Christine Macfarlane, a Payson City resident and stay-at-home mother. “I plan to continue looking until I find the right one for me.”

SOURCE: Universe
By Lisa Kirkham (lkirkham@advfund.com)