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Distance Learning: The Future of Education

Eleutian Technology is a leader in one of the fastest growing and exciting sectors in education:  distance learning.  We've worked hard to ensure that our students and customers have the highest quality experience possible whenever they interact with us.


State-of-the-art Technology

Teacher at computer

The hallmark of our teaching is live video-conferencing between students and teachers. To accomplish this, our engineers have established technical specifications that guarantee customers the highest quality video-conference possible. They are professionals with zero tolerance for technical disruptions that could adversely affect teaching sessions.


Experienced Teachers Specifically Trained in Eleutian's Quality Process

Eleutian teachers are carefully screened prior to being selected to participate in a multi-day teacher training workshop. During their training, prospective teachers learn about the technical aspects of video conferencing as well as cultural awareness and methods of English language instruction.  To ensure consistent quality across our teacher population, we closely monitor each teacher and their instructional performance through the use of formal quality management processes.


The foundation of the quality system is the recording from each teaching session.  Each week, evaluators score a random sampling of these recordings.  Depending on length of service and quality ranking, each teacher is evaluated daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.


All sessions are evaluated using a standardized rubric, focusing on the following areas: preparation, instructional delivery, professionalism, time management, student engagement, and technical quality. Teachers must maintain an average score of at least 3 across all areas to be eligible for advancement, bonuses, or flexible work environments.


Standard quality management reports include individual teacher detail and summary reports, and overall company summary.  Additional reports can be developed upon customer request.