Eleutian - The Bridge to Globalization

Delivering U.S. Teachers to Global Classrooms

Eleutian offers global schools a first-ever opportunity to learn English conversation skills from U.S. certified teachers.

We work with academic institutions from elementary schools through university level education to enhance or redesign their current English teaching program.

Working together, we will integrate your student textbook study with live video teaching by one of our U.S. Certified School Teachers. Different levels of cooperation between your teachers and ours are based on your preferences.  With over 600 teachers on our staff, we are able to provide you with the best possible match for your students and teachers.

We are uniquely equipped to offer our students the 'gold-standard' in English learning content.  Combined with web-based teaching sessions, students practice actual conversation skills related to lesson content.

Click here to download results of an independent research conducted by a Korean Municipal Ministry of Education.