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Employment Inquiries: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eleutian?
Eleutian Technology is the industry leader of online language instruction for global business and education entities. Founded in Ten Sleep, Wyoming in 2006 and currently headquartered in Cody, Wyoming, Eleutian’s effective teaching methods have already earned endorsements from many world-class organizations including: Oxford University Press, The British Council, Nagase Corporation of Japan, Kingsoft of China, Seoul Digital University of Korea and more. The strength of every course option we offer comes from the most qualified teaching staff in the industry. Eleutian is also an active partner with many corporations and schools in the development and delivery of custom English learning programs to meet their unique student needs.
Do I teach in a classroom?
All of Eleutian's classes are taught online with video.
What are my typical working hours?
The majority of Eleutian’s working hours are in the evenings, overnight, and early mornings, seven days a week. This may change over time, but as most of our clientele are in Southeast Asia, we are on their hours.
Will I have a regular teaching schedule?
Yes. We have several blocks schedules to choose from. Typically, blocks are five days a week and four hours long. Schedules are usually for the entire school year, July-May. During the block, classes are added. Teachers are paid for their block schedule.
Classes are generally 50 minutes each, and projects generally run for 20- 28 weeks - but it depends on the Project. You typically meet with each class one time per week.
What is the pay?
Pay is $12 to $14 an hour depending on the project and experience. All teachers are hired as W-2 Employees, and paycheck are delivered bi-weekly via direct deposit into your bank account.
Is a teaching certificate required?
No, however, a sub certificate or TESOL or TEFL certificate is required at minimum. If you do not possess one, Eleutian can help you obtain one.
How many hours can I teach?
We have block schedules up to 40 hours a week.
What is training like?
Eleutian’s training program is about 15 hours and consists of self-study modules and 1:1 and/or small group trainings with your trainer. Training will cover who we are as a company, lesson materials, online teaching, systems, cultural diversity, company policies and procedures, and more. Upon successful completion of training you will be paid a flat rate of $120.
Do you provide retirement options?
At this time, Eleutian does not provide retirement plans.
Do I have to make my own lesson plans?
No, Eleutian provides lesson plans based on Oxford University Press materials. Teachers will need to become familiar with them.
I heard that you can teach from your home. Is that true?
Yes! Eleutian has a direct work at home model where most of our teachers start working from home immediately! See requirements below. Or you can choose to work from our Cody, Wyoming teaching center.

Teach from Home Requirements

The following are required to teach from home:
  • A controlled work area that is quiet and distraction free
  • Low Profile noise canceling headset or earbuds with adequate sound quality
    • There are a wide range of headsets available. Choose a headset with a noise canceling microphone that is low profile, comfortable, light weight, and has good sound quality. Wireless headsets are not allowed. Example: Sennheiser noise-cancelling USB headset
  • Webcam: Eleutian requires an HD web camera which will be provided.
  • Wired/Ethernet connection (not wireless). Wireless connections are often unstable and allow for fluctuation of speeds. Wireless connections are NOT allowed.
  • Must have a modem/router and the ability to reset in case of issues.
  • Bandwidth (computer speeds for uploading and downloading): Minimum speeds of 2 Mbps upload and 2 Mbps download are required.
  • Computer Specs:
    • Processor must be 2.0 GHz (dual core), 2.8 GHz (single core), or better
    • Memory (RAM): 4 GB or more
    • Allowed Operating Systems
      • PC: Windows 10
      • Mac: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer
  • Instructions to find your Processor Speed, Memory, and Operating System:
    • Windows 10: Right click on the Start Button , select System
    • Mac: click on the Apple , select About this Mac
  • Browser Requirements
  • Virus protection